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Don't Have The Time?

Hand off your marketing tasks so that you can focus on doing what you do best. We are here to support, and that even means working hand-in-hand with your current marketing team to provide new strategy and implementation.


Feeling Overwhelmed?

We get you- there are so many blogs, platforms, and “marketing gurus” telling you the exact formula for success. We can help sort through the noise and figure out what actually works best for your unique business.

Haven't Seen Results In The Past?

Our team of creative minds thrive on thinking outside of the box. We love working with clients who are open to new ideas and ways of thinking about marketing

A Personal Touch

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all mentality.

  • Customized plans tailored to your business
  • Implementing both short and long-term strategies 
  • Developing your unique brand identity that will set you apart from your competitors
  • Get experts in every area of marketing as part of your team. We collaborate with other partners to provide you with the Crème de la Crème in the digital space.


What We Offer

Website Design

Build a website that is designed with the target user in mind for enhanced user experience and increased conversions. 


Google Ad Grants

Take advantage of free advertising dollars that Google offers for registered 501(c)3 organizations and increase your brand awareness and traffic to your website.


Brand Identity

Develop your brand identity and marketing voice in order to effectively share your message with the right audience.

Social Media Strategy

Create a social media advertising strategy that gets your products or services to the right audience.

Video Creation

Share compelling video that captivates your audience and increases engagement with your brand.


Behavior Analytics

Evaluate your current analytics, ROI and advertising efforts in order to create a strategy that accelerates your growth, reach, and overall metrics.


Easy as 1,2,3

How It Works

Curious how Compass Digital Consulting Can Help Your Brand?

Just fill out the contact form below, and we will set up an initial meeting to walk through your current marketing efforts, and chat about your goals and KPI’s. From there, we can tailor a custom strategy that is unique to your organization. 

How Much Do You Charge For A Consultation?

Nothing! Our initial conversation is completely free, as it will allow us to get to know each other to see if we are even the right fit for your organization

Do you have any set packages?

We currently do not have any specific package prices, as we truly believe that every company is unique in its needs. We will never try and sell you services that you don’t actually need.

Can we tailor our custom package as we go?

Yes! We will start you off with a package that best serves your needs at the time. If we find down the road that additional services would be beneficial, we can certainly add that on to your custom package, whenever it makes the most sense.

Building the future

Compass Digital Consulting is your one-stop-shop for all of your digital marketing needs. Think of us as your project manager, helping organize all of your digital marketing assets in order to provide the most effective marketing strategy for your business.

During your initial consultation, we will walk through your business’s current marketing strategy, your goals for the future, and where you are currently struggling. From there, we will create custom marketing approach tailored to your needs, prioritizing the most important steps first.

Our goal is to build a relationship with you and establish trust so that it truly feels like we are working together and collaborating on ideas and future goals. We want to feel like part of the team, not just someone you get a report from once a month and never talk to, unless that is what you prefer! Our level of collaboration is up to you.

Let’s chat to see how we can be a good fit for your small business or non-profit! Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation

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